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There are so many health benefits of cumin seeds even though manydislike the dishes made with roasted or fried cumin seeds because they resemble small black insects.

Cumin’s main health benefit lies in its positive influenceon digestion and the problems related to it. Cuminaldehyde activates thesalivary gland in the mouth and triggers the primary digestion of food.Thymol further stimulates the process of digestion. Cumin also relieves gastroubles and brings relief to stomach aches when ingested with hot water.Constipation, infections and wounds in the anal tract are the main cause ofpiles. Cuminaldehyde and pyrazines from cumin in a powdered form heals thewounds and infections of the digestive and excretory tract and speeds up thedigestion due to the high fiber content and extreme anti fungal and antimicrobial properties.

Cumin provides a sufficient amount of vitamins and helps with properdigestion, and they are both very important for enjoying a sound sleep. Some componentsof cumin even have hypnotic and tranquilizing properties. Cumin is a veryeffective anti congestive agent for those who suffer from various respiratorydiseases due the amount of caffeine it possesses and with which it acts as astimulant. A weak immune system usually conjures up common cold which is aviral infection and it affects the body. Cumin’s essential oils are great infighting infections and cough formation in the respiratory system, as well asin drying up the excess mucus. Significant amounts of iron and vitamin C keep immunity at high levels and keep infections away.

Women need lots of iron when lactating, during pregnancy andwhen undergoing menses, so cumin with its significant amounts of iron andcalcium helps a lot. Thymol also eases and increases secretion of milk and it isbest if taken with honey. Iron found in the cumin seeds is also very beneficialfor anemia and should be a valuable nutritional supplement for those sufferingfrom anemia.

The vitamin E from the cumin seeds is also very good inkeeping the skin young and glowing, and it prevents the skin from beingaffected by various fungal and microbial infections. Cumin is a very efficient detoxicantand it helps with preventing the development of boils.

The abundance of iron and vitamins found in cumin stronglyboosts the strength of the immune system and provides an important anticarcinogenic property among many other healthy benefits. Cumin can also be usedto treat renal coli, help bring concentration back to those with a weak memory,relieve insect bites, and many other things.

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