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Fibromyalgia is the medical name for the chronic condition of the painful, stiffed and tender muscles. It is usually followed by the sleeping problems, fatigue and headache. The areas that are affected in most cases are the muscles of the neck, hips, shoulders and spine. And that is because those particular areas on the body are most likely to be exposed to the excessive amount of force on daily basis.

The problem is that the symptoms usually vary from one person to another and that is why this condition is treated as the syndrome.

Besides being considered as one of the most common problems nowadays, it is discovered that the gene factor can also contribute to the larger number of the affected people. It is common because the number one trigger of all the condition, the stress, lies among the other causes, such as depression and anxiety.

Because of that, the doctor could prescribe the antidepressant and anti-inflammatory medications, along with the muscle relaxants. These triggers are both, the symptoms and the causes. It is good to mention that sometimes a virus or some injury of the nerves could be the cause.

The most pointed out symptom of this is the pain, as already said, and it can be described as the pain that burns, radiates, shoots or aches from somewhat deeper centre in the body. The fibromyalgia could be also followed by the problems in digestion process, the sleep disorder, and by the extreme irritability to strong noises, lights and smells.

As far as the treatment for fibromyalgia pain relief is concerned, the medications are obligatory in the process of curing, but the intake of the drugs must be accompanied with the appropriate diet, a lot of rest and mild trainings. It is highly important to point out that one should warm up before, and stretch after every training, in order to avoid some complications of the muscles. If possible, it is also good to introduce a massage after the exercises.

And, finally, the diet should include a lot of veggies, fruits and all the foods that are rich in fibers. Of course, all the foods that are rich in saturated fats, processed sugar, alcohol or caffeine must be avoided. Simply, the toxins must be eliminated and the immune system must be boosted up. Besides the vitamins (A, C and E), the highly beneficial nutrients in treating fibromyalgia are a prodophilus formula, magnesium and the malic acid, coenzyme, lecithin and the proteolytic enzymes.

Of course, there are a lot of remedies that are helpful in the case of this condition. Also, the good advice is to combine the herbs/remedies. For example, the combination of ginkgo, Echinacea and astragalus improves the circulation of blood.

There are the other effective ways to treat this condition, and those are the therapy based on the Chinese herbs and the acupuncture.

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