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FibromyalgiaFibromyalgia (FM) is the musculoskeletal condition. Signs and symptoms are somewhat similar to arthritis but inflammation of joints and muscles are not present. The symptoms include: headaches, muscular pain, problems with sleeping, tingling or numbness of extremities, cognitive and memory problems, various areas on the body being sensitive and painful to touch (neck, shoulders, back, hips and extremities). The cause of fibromyalgia is unknown.

Fibromyalgia affects between 3 to 6 million of American population, and it mostly affects women (80-90% of patients). Since, FM attacks mainly women, scientists think that there may be some connection between hormones and this disorder.

Fibromyalgia commonly occurs in mid-life though symptoms may be present earlier.

Risk factors of fibromyalgia include: trauma, stress, recurrent injuries and certain disorders like lupus, spinal arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Besides, it can be hereditary.

Diet for FibromyalgiaEven though there isn’t explicit dietary plan for fibromyalgia, some symptoms can by relieved with certain foods. Conducted studies haven’t discovered specific nutrition beneficial to this condition but it is based on healthy nutrition as well as patients’ reports on advantage of certain diet they have followed.

Healthy nutrition is certainly beneficial to immune system and in aiding the body to fight with the disorder. Certain food that may provoke allergies, fatigue, hyperglycemia, digestive problems and headache has to be avoided as well.

Soy supplements can also alleviate the pain and improve patient’s quality of life.

Diet that can help alleviate symptoms of FM: Low refined-carbohydrate diet. Some claim that limited amount of white sugar, white flour and heavily refined drinks contribute to reducing fibromyalgia symptoms. This sort of food also induces food cravings and suddenly increase blood glucose level. High level of sugar in blood can increase level of insulin hence lead to diabetes. Therefore, wholegrain carbs are recommended, particularly because food cravings are reduced with this sort of diet. Vegetarian diet. Though, one study showed that low salt vegan diet can be beneficial for FM symptoms like pain, sleeping problems and general health condition while another reported there is a less pain reduction with this regime. Furthermore, one study showed that benefits of raw vegetarian diet are temporary. Diet for relieving headache. Headache and migraine pain can be reduced by avoiding chocolate, cheese, citrus fruits, caffeine, red wine, port and ice cream since they are “trigger foods”. Blood sugar level must be maintained by regular small meals because low blood sugar level provokes headaches. Dehydration must be prevented by sufficient fluid intake.

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