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What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is the chronic disease of the muscular tissue which is manifested as the pain, increased sensitivity to touch and the stiffness felt in the muscle and the associated connective tissue structures. It is characterized by the accompanying pain in the head, the troubles with sleeping, the constant tiredness, exhaustion and the overall weakness. Sometimes, the condition may as well be followed by the problems with defecation. One of the biggest problems, having in mind the early detection of the condition and, therefore having the timely treatment, is the problem of deciding whether the person suffers from this or some similar diseases (e.g. osteoarthritis, lupus and so on), since the symptoms are very common and general.

Nevertheless, the most troublesome indicator of this condition is the pain which is constant and rather intense, although the following troubles and the intensity of the pain depends on the stage of the disease and of its seriousness. However, as far as the conventional treatment for lessening the pain in this case is concerned, usually prescribed are the medications intended for the relaxation of the muscular tissue. But, the problem is that the pain always comes back after the effect of such the medication fades out.

How to manage the pain?

That is exactly why some other methods for getting rid of the pain are more recommendable, and also because, having in mind that the pain affects not just one part of the body, it can be pretty unbearable. So, one of the most effective such the methods are based on the stimulation of the functioning of the muscles, which is naturally achieved by the physical therapy. This treatment is based on the mild workouts that include a lot of the toning and extending exercises. Of course, if the treatment is combined with the massage sessions, the best results will be obtained.

When it comes to the eating regime, it is advisable to stay away from coffee and sugar. On the contrary, one should eat more vegetables and fruits in the raw form, in order to absorb the maximum of the vital nutrients. One of the most beneficial fruits, concerning the matter of fibromyalgia, is the pineapple, since it is rich in the substance called Bromelain. This substance successfully lessens the inflammations and thus provides fibromyalgia pain relief.

Also, the eating regime could be enriched with the consumption of the additional nutrients, in the supplementary form, and the most effective for dealing with the troubles that accompany fibromyalgia are the ones based on magnesium and the vitamin C.

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