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Fibromyalgia is the sensation of various types of the pain in the muscular areas that are the most frequently exposed to the excessive effort (and of their connective tissues), such as the muscles of hips, spine, neck and shoulders. This condition is actually the syndrome because there is a plenty of symptoms of the fibromyalgia that can vary from one person to another.

Although very common problem nowadays, the cure that could wipe out the disorder has not yet been found, but there are some solutions to the following problems.

Those related conditions are the rheumatic disorders in most cases. The diagnosis of this condition is based only on the description of it and on the clinical tests. It is highly important to know which other disorders are related to fibromyalgia.

So, after being diagnosed, the treatment that should be followed is based mostly on reducing the stress, getting enough sleep and trying to lead a healthy lifestyle that involves the intake of the beneficial nutrients and exercising every day for half an hour. Of course, the medications are also included in the treatment.

So, it is already mentioned that fibromyalgia is not fully investigated condition, and the causes are generally unknown. But there are some assumptions concerning this condition. For example, when the centre in brain doesn’t get enough oxygen, it may lead to the problem in the spot which associated with the centre.

Also, the decrease in the level of tryptophan or the increase of the substance P in the nervous system is likely to provoke fibromyalgia. But, there are some triggers of mental and psychological nature that could lead to this condition, too. Those are depression and anxiety as the most dangerous causes of the damages of the nervous system.

Related to that, not getting enough sleep will probably have some big effect on the nerves. Especially if the most restful stage in the sleep process is frequently interrupted.

And finally, it is good to mention and to have in mind the most common symptoms of this condition. The pain is always present, and it persists during the periods of a few months. It can also be extended to some other parts of the body.

The other symptoms are the fatigue and a kind of general exhaustion, along with an excessive tenderness of the affected spots. The tenderness can be related to the spasms of the muscles, and can be found on the different locations on the body, such as the areas between Head and shoulders, at the base of the skull, below elbow, above knee, on the area around the hips and on the other areas mentioned at the beginning of the article.

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