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The cramps are identified as rather unpleasant painful contractions of the muscles. Although cramps usually affect the muscular back, arms and legs areas, they can be felt in the stomach area. Especially once a month, during the periods, the stomach cramps affect many women worldwide, and they are among the most common troubles of menstruation.

But, the cramps are very common problem, especially considering that any unnatural or irregular stretching of a muscle can lead to a cramp. For example, if the back is not positioned properly when lifting a heavy object. So, any excessive or abnormal extension of muscles is likely to provoke the cramps. It also happens as the consequence of dehydration, and of some sport injuries and exhaustive trainings. Nevertheless, the cramps could be caused by inactiveness.

In the case of the cramps, the home treatment that mainly consists of massages and some exercises is generally recommended. The medical help should be sought only if the cramps become more serious and if the condition persists after the home treatment.

First of all, the normal blood flow should be obtained in the area affected by the cramps. The effect of a good circulation can be achieved by combining cold and hot treatment, for example, using the ice and a hot pad in turns to gently massage the spot. In order to encourage the circulation, treating the cramps with hot showers is also recommended, and beside that, they provide relaxation.

The well known remedy is the solution of a teabag of black or brown mustard seeds in the hot water. The part of the body affected by cramps should be soaked in this mixture for 20 minutes. This solution provides an amount of oil that is used for the massages.

So, the massages are very advisable in dealing with this kind of problem. Of course, they must be gentle; the best way is to rub the muscles in the natural direction of the muscle. Extending the muscles is strongly recommendable, but if doing it properly. For example, if the thigh muscle is affected by cramps, that leg must be lifted up and stretched even with the toes pointed upwards. The leg should be in that position at least the half of one minute.

Improving a lifestyle and leading a healthy diet is recommended in solving this problem. One must drink a lot of liquids, and consume the products which are rich in minerals, such as potassium and calcium. Such foods are bananas, potatoes and the milk products, and others.

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