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Dark Armpits

The joint areas of the body are typically much darker than the rest of the body. This explains why our armpits, elbows and knees appear a bit darker than the surrounding skin. Excessive change of color can be easily seen. This means that dark armpits can be also easily noticed especially by women who shave this area of the body. They are, therefore, more bothered if the armpits become darker than usual. The problem may progress and even lead to refusal of a woman to wear sleeveless tops.

Causes of Dark Armpits

The most definitive misconception is that excessive perspiration causes dark armpits. These two are not related. Only, if a person is sweating a lot and uses particular deodorants or perfumes the combination of these two may cause darkening of the armpits. If this occurs simple change of the product can be effective.

Another cause of dark armpits is excessive friction. Too tight tops, especially if a person is obese lead to friction of the skin and fabric which may consequently result in darkening of the particular area.

Women shave their armpits and this is another possible cause of dark armpits. Shaving causes thickening of armpit hair and if one does not shave for a couple of days or even more the armpits appear even darker. Even prolonged usage of hair removal creams may result in darker discoloration of the armpits.

And finally, improper hygiene of the armpits results in remnant dead skin cells which may appear as dark spots. Prolonged lack of hygiene may even lead to skin infection. One of the characteristics of skin infection of this body part is hyperpigmenation.

How to Treat Dark Armpits

Since majority of cases are not actually serious dark armpits can be easily treated at home with a variety of home remedies.

Lemon juice is, for example, an excellent natural bleacher. It can also successfully scrub the dead skin cells. This fruit is supposed to be cut into halves and then directly rubbed all over the affected area. It is left for a while and then washed off with lukewarm water. Apart from lemon this ritual can be also performed with cucumber and potato.

Dark armpits can be additionally treated with a paste made of sandal wood powder and two teaspoons of rose water. After being applied the paste is supposed to dry and then it is rinsed with cold water.

Another home remedy includes gram flour. A mixture of one tablespoon of gram flour, one teaspoon of yogurt, one teaspoon of milk and a pinch of turmeric is an excellent exfoliating paste.

And finally, a combination of a pinch of saffron which is soaked in two teaspoonful of milk cream is rubbed on the armpit. This paste is supposed to be left over night and then washed in the morning.

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