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Some of Us Are Highly Sensitive

There are people in the our society who are not as open as others are. Rather, they are shy, introvert and have problems making contact, let alone engaging relationships with others. These people are called highly sensitive people. These individuals also have many fears, and due to these troublesome feelings, they are unable to function as other people do. Nevertheless, this does not make them mentally impaired. On the contrary, highly sensitive people are usually very intelligent, gifted, talented and creative. Thoughtfulness is also one of their main traits. There is a special psychological test which helps in diagnosing highly sensitive people. In fact, results of these tests show that one fifth of total human population consists of this kind of people. Therefore, we may only benefit from getting to know them better, as well as their characteristics and personal traits.

Characteristics of Highly SensitivePeople

When it comes to learning and receiving information, these people are excellent. They are very concentrated and learn quite fast. Focusing and concentration are some of their main traits as they are capable of processing information without problems. Being highly organized and diligent perfectionists, their work is always done with maximal precision and proper results. However, once they are distracted with emotions and personal problems, their capability disappears.

As for their emotional side, highly sensitive people are very thoughtful and considerate. Also, they are loyal and sentimental. Nevertheless, these people prefer silence and solitude over being exposed to others, since then they are incapable of showing their full capacities. They are good at reading people and their emotions. Thus, they can notice problems and frustrations in others. Often turned towards our natural environment, highly sensitive people tend to be religious and into spiritualism too. They often play some musical instruments since they enjoy quiet and pleasant music and have very developed motor skills. So, noise can easily distract them. In whatever they do, they are more relaxed when doing it in front of people they know and trust than in front ofstrangers.

Their senses are quite developed. They have an eye and ear for art and aesthetics. Also, they have a highly developed sense of smell. Subsequently, they are more affected by coffee and other stimulants than most of us.

If you managed to recognize yourself or someone you know in the characteristics above, you may discover something new about you and people close to you. You are quite an emotional person. Therefore, you need to control these emotions so as not to get hurt or misunderstood. Yoga, meditation or some breathing exercises can help you cope with the rest of the “insensitive” world better.

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