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You Are What You Eat

You have probably realized by now thatdifferent people have different preferences regarding the types offood they like. There are theories about this phenomenon, trying toconnect different personality traits with different food cravings.Therefore, those who prefer salty food have separate characteristicsthan those who have uncontrollable desires for chocolate and so on.This is an interesting view on people and their personalities. So, ifyou desire to look into this theory further read the rest of thistext which will try to shed more light onto this mysteriousconnection between people and their favorite food.

The Food-Person Connection

As far as people who enjoy salty mealsare concerned, there are various food types for variouspersonalities. For example, people who love eating salty chips oftenare considered to be great achievers and perfectionists.Nevertheless, in order to achieve a healthy diet, you might considereating baked potatoes instead of your favorite meal.

Those whose idea of a salty treatinvolves chewing on pretzels are thought to be “space cadets”,wandering through their thoughts most of the time and daydreaming therest of the time. Thoughtful people relying on logic are usuallysalty cracker lovers while utopian humanitarians live for tortillachips.

If you are looking for real friends andpeople who know how to have a good time, look for those who enjoymeat more than anything. These carnivores are outgoing and makefriends easily, being good friends in return. If you find one, advisehim/her to choose turkey over beef or pork since, this way, theymight be your friends for a longer time.

The most ideal and moralistic peopleamong us are likely to love cheese. These are stable individuals,with both of their feet on the ground, in front of their house,family and a perfect love life.

Softhearted party animals often opt forchocolate. Moreover, add mint to the chocolate and you will get anintellectual added onto the list of traits. Regardless, darkchocolate is the healthiest, thus, coco-lovers, choose this type.

Ambitious people who often get engulfedby the daily grind are considered to be those who pay littleattention to their favorite snacks but, rather, eat what is in theirgrasp at the moment. This snack disorganization is a sign of lifedisorganization, with the exception of effort and a will to succeed.

Those who choose different snacks indifferent emotional stages are, of course, emotional people. You needto be careful with them since they need attention, love, support, andadequate snacks in adequate moments.

Finally, organized people organizetheir snacks daily and are very dedicated to them. There are alsothose hedonists who enjoy snacking all day long, bite by bite. Theseare relaxed people who know how to enjoy life and avoid stress.

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