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When the throat becomes sore, that is, the mucous membrane becomes swollen, the redness appears and the pain is present and worsened when swallowing, it is the one of the most common ailments, called the sore throat. It should be treated right away after being noticed because the soreness may spread over the nearby and connected organs, the ears and nose.

Of course, this condition can also be one of the symptoms of some other ailment, such as cold, flu and the similar. So, it is generally the inflammatory process that takes place firstly at the back of the throat and continues to affect the entire back region of it. And the swelling occurs as the logical defense of the organism against bacteria, virus, or some other harmful substances that entered the oral cavity previously.

As already said, the infections caused by bacteria and viruses are the most common, but they are different; when it comes to virus, the period of the incubation is about one week and the condition itself lasts longer, but when bacteria attacks the throat, the infection is prompt, and it spreads within a few hours.

The naturally based treatment

It is already well known that the conventional medicine treats this problem successfully, but considering a different approach, that is, curing the sore throat by using the herbal based remedies, will do no harm. Especially because of the fact that the natural remedies don’t involve the side-effects, like the drugs do. Anyway, another useful characteristic of such the remedies and the supplements is that they are all actually focused on encouraging the immunity, thus being suitable for both, the prevention and the treatment. Of course, they provide the relief from the symptoms too, acting like the painkillers.

In order to achieve the best effect, it is recommendable to combine the dosages of those remedies.Since the most usual provoker of this pain in the throat is the nasal infection, it is the point when the consumption of the vitamin C should be increased, because the best thing to do in every treatment is to attack its cause. But, this vitamin also has the anti-allergic effect and thus, it is the best option for the people who are more likely to be affected by this condition as the consequence of the weakened immunity (due to the frequent allergic reactions).

The vitamin A is also recommendable, that is, for the process of the regeneration of the mucous lining of the throat. Zinc is the nutrient which minimizes the persistence of the condition.

Apart from these supplemental remedies, the mixture made of the fresh garlic, and Echinacea is the popular remedy which is used to attack this problem at the very first stages of the development. The other useful remedies are the teas (it is good to add a little bit of the tincture of goldenseal or licorice) made of the Marshmallow’s root or slippery elm, because they have the effect of making a kind of the lining in the throat, which makes the swallowing much easier.

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