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A few words about the strep throat

Strep throat is actually the condition of having the sore throat, but when it is provoked by the entrance of the bacteria, which is scientifically called streptococci. The problem is that the indicators of this condition are very severe, that is, unlike the other inflammatory processes in the throat, such as, for instance, sore throat, infected by a virus. It is manifested as the increased temperature of the body, the ardent pain felt at the back of the throat which is prominent when swallowing and the swelling on the lymph nodes and the tonsils. However, the sign of having white and yellowish dots near the uvula also appoints to the strep throat and if the problem is left untreated, in the advanced stages of the disease, throwing up, the red itchy bumps over the skin, the pain in the head and the lack of appetite may be noticed as well.

Besides the described accompanying troubles, this disease could, additionally, be passed on to another individual, for example by the droplets when sneezing. So, there’s no doubt that this disease should be treated right away after being noticed.

The best treatment

As far as the conventional treatment is concerned, logically, the inflammation is usually reduced with the intake of the prescribed medications that annihilate bacteria. But, they can lead to some possible negative side effects, as any artificial remedies, and that is why it is better to use some homemade natural remedies for the same purpose.

Of course, the most popular folk remedy for this condition is the chicken soup or the tea based on the beneficial herbs (e.g. chamomile), but, for the best results, the tea should be enriched with a little bit of milk and ginger, because they have the beneficial characteristics of lessening the inflammatory process successfully. The same effect could be achieved with the use of the honey, and just one or two tsp. of it on a daily basis could do wonders. So the remedy based on it, with the juice freshly squeezed from lemon, and diluted into the glass of the warm water is very effective.

Also, the throat should be irrigated in order to remove the harmful microorganism, and that should be done with the use of the simple salty water, at least two times daily.

In addition, it is important to mention that taking a lot of rest is very valuable for dealing with this health problem, and the increased intake of water is compulsory, since the danger of losing too much of the water is present.

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