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What is croup?

Suffering from a cough is one of the most common health problems and it is also the most prominent symptom of a number of diseases. Fortunately, coughing problem isn’t among the severe health troubles and there are a lot of the effective ways to deal with it, by both, the conventionally prescribed medications and the homemade natural remedies. Anyway, the health practitioners can discover the underlying problem only according to the sound of a cough, in the most of cases.

So, there are several primal types of the cough and the most frequent are the dry, productive, whooping and the barking-like cough. The last one mentioned is also known as croup and it is especially common among the infants and small children (because of the still weak immunity), and in the winter periods. Having said that this particular type of cough resembles a lot the barking sound, it is the logical conclusion that it is provoked by the damage, or to be more precise, by the inflammatory process over the vocal cords, which causes them to swell. However, the problem is that this condition and this troublesome cough is often accompanied with the troubles with inhaling and exhaling, and that is why, in some complicated cases, the affected child must undergo the therapy in hospital.

Besides the mentioned troubles, the other following problems are the increased temperature of the body, the troubles when swallowing, the tightness in the pharynx, the watery discharge from the nose, the ache at the back of the throat, the breathing process followed by a whistling sound, and the overall irritation.

The best treatment

Croup is usually healed within the period of 7 days, and it is most commonly triggered by the entrance of the flu virus or some other virus or bacteria. Nevertheless, one of the biggest problems is that this cough is easily transmittable, just because during the coughing act, the infected droplets are expelled. The key to dealing with this problem is to treat it right away after being notices, at very first stages, because the infection is very prone to spread over the rest of the all respiratory system.

As far as the conventional treatment is concerned, the prescription of the medications depends on the provoker of croup. But, if it is provoked by the virus, only the lessening of the following troubles can be done. For example, acetaminophen is prescribed in order to lower the bodily temperature and to minimize the pain. But, when it comes to the at home remedies, very beneficial is the inhalation of the steam, so that the process of inhaling and exhaling could be eased significantly. Of course, the affected infant shouldn't be fed with the solid foods, since there is the trouble with swallowing.

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