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Everyone has experience sore throat or ear painonce in life. These two conditions are quite common. Since there is a tubethat links the middle ear and the throat, ear ache and sore throat are closelyrelated. For example, when one suffers from sore throat, the swelling of thetube occurs. This swelling leads to the blockages and under strong pressures,ear ache appears.

Sore throat

Sore throat is a condition marked by the infectionof pharynx and the area around the tonsils. It is also well known under thenames strep throat and pharyngitis. Sore throat can be a bacterial or viralinfection, although, in majority of cases, it is caused by bacteria. Strep throat may affect anyone at any age, althoughit is mostly seen in children and young people. When sore throat occurs, the person may feel earpain and may find swallowing painful and difficult. Furthermore, the people whosuffer from it may experience fever, headache, loss of appetite and weakness. Inaddition to the symptoms, swollen lymph nodes in the neck and tonsillitis ortonsils infection may also appear.

Sore throat is a contagious condition and may be easilypassed from person to person through saliva and nasal secretions, as well asthrough coughing and sneezing. When the sore throat is caused by bacteria, antibioticsare prescribed. There are also certain medicines that can reduce inflammationor fever. It is recommended to consume warm soaks and a lot of garlic, and also tohave a humidifier at home in order to cure this condition as fast as possible.

Sore throat and ear pain

Since the throat, ear and nose are closely related; an infection in any of these body parts affects the other two as well. For example,when the sinus cavities are full of mucous, pain in the ear appears. There isan exchange of fluids between these three parts and therefore, an infection inone area is easily spread to the two other areas. Ear pain usually occurs due to inflammation of themiddle ear when it is infected. When an inflammation appears in the middle ear,the eardrum stretches and becomes swollen. It causes pain and sometimes affectsthe hearing.

There are many causes for the occurrence of chronicsore throat and ear pain. The weak immune system and allergies, as well asconstant exposure to smoking, may be the potential causes for the occurrence ofsore throat and ear pain. Furthermore, excessive consummation of alcohol andirritation from the heating are also considered to be the causes for these twoconditions.

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