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Itchy Sore Throat

In this article we will focus on the causes, symptoms and the treatment of sorethroat, so that you can easily and efficiently remove this discomfort from yourlife. This annoying problem is usually accompanied by the swelling of the pharynx,larynx and the tonsils, stuffy nose and gathering of the mucus. All of thiscreates a situation during which eating and swallowing can be a problem.Other problems this condition brings are weakness of the body, fever, headaches, and the muscle aches


The problem we are talking about can be caused by several reasons. One of themis the bacterial infection. One of the most common causes of the itchy sorethroat is the bacteria called streptococcus. The difference between the viraland the bacterial infection is in the cold symptoms that are initially missingduring the viral infection. Viral infection is also followed by a sudden fever.Problems with swallowing, headaches, appetite loss, tonsils infection, earpain, weakness, high fever and throat pain are common symptoms of the itchysore throat. A next possible cause is the viral infection, which issimilar to the bacterial infection and creates similar problems along with thebody ache, fever, running nose and many other problems. Allergy can also be a cause of the itchy sore throat. Some of the most common allergens are pollen,some food items, medicines, cosmetics, animal hair, dust mites and many otherallergens. Some of the problems created when this cause is responsible for thecreation of sore throat are itchy ears, headaches, congestion, itchy nose,fatigue, itchy eyes and sneezing. Cold weather, yelling, singing andshouting (straining vocal cords in general), breathing trough the mouth,smoking and pollution are other possible causes for the itchy sore throatproblem.


The cause will demand a specific treatment. Antihistamines are given if thesore throat has been caused by the allergic reaction and some of the most commonare Diphenhydramine and chlorpeniramine. Also, allergy shots can beadministered. If some prefer it, they can use saltwater solution. Chamomile is a natural antihistamine so you can consume it and see if it is efficient enough, although it surely is good for the prevention. If bacterialinfection is the cause, antibiotics are given and the most commonly prescribedones are clarithromycin, amoxicillin, penicillin and clindamycin. With the useof home remedies and a proper care, viral infection and sore throat can beeliminated, but if not, penicillin injections will surely do the trick.

As for the home remedies that you can try at your home, the first on is themixture of hot water and salt, which should be gargled. Throat sprays andlozenges can be used for the swelling. Try to eat healthy food with lots ofvitamin C, while avoiding smoking and alcohol is also advisable. Also it is good to drink as muchfluid as you can, especially water. By following these steps, you canprevent or eliminate the itchy sore throat problem.

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