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Tinnitus is sensation of ringing in the ears, which medically means that it is perception of the sound which is not there. Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom of the some other disorders like prolonged periods of sleep depravation or disorder, ear infection, anxiety, depression, nose allergies which can prevent fluid drainage from the ear and cause ear wax build up, or presence of some foreign object in the ear or ear wax.

Nerve damage of tiny hairs in the inner ear can also be the cause of Tinnitus, and sometimes the problems involved are not localized just to ear region, but can be in the part of the brain that control ear functions.

Herbs and Supplements for Tinnitus

Various herbs and herbal remedies can stimulate circulation in the body and promote overall body health, together with healthy and nutrition rich diet. Blood circulation is much improved when using herbal supplement of Ginkgo Biloba. 15 -20 drops of herbal tincture of this herb diluted in the water, daily and for longer periods of time is most beneficial either to your health and your Tinnitus problems.

Passion flower is another herb that stimulates and promotes circulation and neurotransmitters activities. Extracts of this herb can also be used as an herbal dietary supplement.

Calendula herb and its plantain extracts can be used to rinse the ears on the daily basis. After the rinse you should place a cotton swab in your ear. You can also drink tea made from calendula herb; twice a day for periods of six weeks. This will greatly improve and soothe your external ear.

Ramson juice consumed on daily bases, in amounts of half a teaspoon per day can help you with side effect of Tinnitus, like constipation. Ramson juice tea cleans the digestive tract and relieves the problems.

Herbal extract of horsetail herb is recommended in cases of Tinnitus and its other hear relating problems. Horsetail herb extract is form of Vegetal silica, and recommended dosage is 3-4 capsules per day, for the period of treatment.

Blood circulation which relieves the symptoms of Tinnitus is also improved by usage of mistletoe herb. Three teaspoons of juice made of mistletoe and mixed with three cups of cold water is left overnight, and without adding any sweeteners or sugar, mixture is heated in the morning. Three cups of this herbal mixture per day is recommended dosage for remaining of treatment.

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