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Herbs for beauty

People have been using herbs to stay beautiful since ancient times. Women of the ancient world often used ground leaves and seeds of herbs in their hair to make it shine and used such treatments on their faces and body to make the skin look younger.

Herbal tonics have been consumed and oils obtained from herbs have been applied to different parts of the body since ancient times as well.

The Indian culture has used herbs for beatification purposes for over 5,000 years.

Herbs can act against internal impurities and eternal toxins of the body as well, they can also add nutrients and make the skin glow.

Herbs provide natural treatments for the skin and nourish the body from within as well.

Popular herbs

Turmeric is used to provide glowing and healthy skin. Face masks made of turmeric are used in beauty parlors across the world to prevent bacterial infections. Turmeric pastes can cure skin pigmentation and maintain a healthy pH factor. It is great for people looking for a natural way to keep their complexions looking healthy.

Chandan is applied to the body both externally and internally. It can be taken in pill form to heal the body from the inside. There are also pastes available, as well as oils and powders, that will also keep the skin looking healthy. Chandan is also used in aroma therapy. It works for curing skin problems and allergies. And it is also used frequently as a cooling agent on the warmest of days.

Neem can be used as a skin cleanser, odor remover, and a cure for acne, psoriasis and eczema. It can also treat common hair problems such as dandruff. Crushed neem leaves can be mixed with water and hen consumed to help heal the skin. Neem oil is used regularly for cleansing the hair and nourishing it as well.

Rosemary can be used for skin, scalp and hair treatments. It provides a refreshing look to the skin and energizes dead cells. It can also be used in a scalp message to prevent baldness. Rosemary shampoos can keep the hair nourished and shiny. There are also perfumes and soaps that are made from this herb.

Chamomile is used as a skin remedy and can treat problems with he eyes and hair as well.

There are many products available that are made from this herb, including lotions, creams and face masks.

It can also be applied to the eyes in a mild concentration with water in order to make the tired look around the eyes disappear and remove bags from under the eyes.

Basil can be used against scars and black spots on the body. It is also uses as an antiseptic for the face and can return the skin to its natural shine and health.

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