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The condition popularly called the dry eyes, or medically called keratoconjuctivitis, is actually the syndrome, meaning that the exact causes of it have remained unknown. However, it is simply noticed as the lack of tears in the patient, or to be more exact, as the dryness of the conjunctiva, which is the medical term for the outer transparent membrane of the eye, that always should be moist. The other symptoms are the itching, the sensation of having a sand particle in the eye, burning and the other similar irritations.

However, fortunately, the factors of risk of getting this condition are known and those are: being an elderly individual, being of the female gender, spending too much time in front of the TV or in the smoky environments and so on.Herbal remedies

Besides the artificial tears that can be bought in the pharmacies, one could make his or her own drops at home based on the beneficial herbs.

The natural remedies (which should be used orally) are actually focused on lessening the irritation and providing the relief from the annoying symptoms. For instance, such is the remedy made from the flax seeds (because they contain a lot of the omega-3 fatty acids) which should be powdered and added to a little bit of water. Another way to consume it, is in the form of oil, in fact to make the sip of the extra virgin flax seed oil and it should be consumed in amount of one tablespoon once per day.Vitamins

First of all, if suffering from any problem associated to some condition of the eyes, it is essentially important to increase the intake of the vitamin A, of course by consuming the vegetables, fruits and the teas made from the herbs that are rich in this nutrient. Those are, for example, thyme, sage, basil, the cayenne pepper, oregano, savor, but paprika contains the greatest amount of this vitamin.

Also, very valuable for the eyes, the organism and the immunity in general, is the vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant as well. Secondly, it increases the secretion of the hyaluronic acid in the organism, thus having the direct effect on the problem of the dry eyes.

Fortunately, there are a lot of the herbs that are rich in this vitamin (parsley, garlic, cardamom, celery, etc.); however, the leaf of the coriander in the dried form is the best source of the vitamin C. The popular home remedy that is made from this herb, in fact just one tablespoon of it, supplies the organism with ten milligrams of the vitamin C.

Besides the vitamins, there is yet another substance that is necessary for the proper functioning for our organisms (and for creating the tears), and that is the linoleic acid, which can be found in the herb called evening primrose.

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