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We know that even people in the old civilizations such as Rome, China, and Latin America searched and used different natural methods for enhancing their beauty. Women used various herbs, seeds or leaves to make themselves look more beautiful. Herbs can feed our skin from the inside and outside with substances that are essential for healthy looks. Today we also use herbs in treating our skin and making it smoother and gentle. The most famous herbs that are used today are: turmeric, chandan, neem, rosemary, chamomile, basil, aloe Vera, seaweed, primrose, and henna.


This herb provides your skin to glow and become brighter. There are masks made of turmeric that can help with skin infections, while pastes made of this herb can balance the pH factor of the skin and solve problems regarding pigment. For the best results, apply these pastes every day during some period of time.


There are several products made from this herb such as pills that are taken by mouth, oil, stick, powder and paste that are applied directly on the skin. This herb is very popular because of its specific aroma. There are products made of this herb that are used as very efficient cleanser of the skin. It can also help in various skin conditions such as allergies. Chandan gives your skin healthier and more attractive look.


Neem is good for skin cleansing, removing bad smells, inflamed pimples, treating psoriasis and other skin problems. You can easily find powder, oil and pills made from this herb in different stores. Neem can also be used for improving the looks of the hair and for removing dandruff.


Rosemary can make your skin look fresh and healthy, because it renews your dead skin cells. The oil made from this herb is good for your scalp and hair and it should be applied on the scalp and rubbed in for prevention of hair loss. There are different rosemary products for proper care of hair.


Chamomile is good in fighting against inflammations of the skin and it is also used as an antioxidant. It is very beneficial in treatment of the skin, eyes and hair.

Other herbs

Basil is good for removing facial and body scars, fighting against harmful microorganisms on your skin and it’s giving it a shiny look. Aloe Vera is most known by its healing properties for burned skin, while seaweed is used as an excellent skin cleanser and primrose is good for skin inflammations. Henna is a plant that gives your hair a great look.

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