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Lucid dreaming is the ability to bementally aware when in state of dreaming. People have always beeninterested in deciphering, controlling and remembering their dreamsand have thus, during history, developed many techniques andmedications to make this action possible.

There are some brain activitysupplements that make us be more aware of our dreams and the dreamingprocess as well, since they activate receptors in our brain which arein charge of remembering them when we wake up.

Medications from various herbs whichactivate and stimulate those parts of our brain in charge of dreamingcan help us get to that wanted state of being “lucid” whiledreaming.

Galantamine, calea zacatechichi andsupplements known as “brain vitamins” use all the herbs known tobe used for similar purposes in the past. They contain enzymes,proteins and vitamins necessary for boosting brain activity andimproving concentration along with our overall experience of dreams.

Unfortunately, solely taking themedication will not be enough to experience lucid dreaming. In mostcases, although these drugs do affect nerve cells in the brain, theyact as a plain placebo, leaving it up to us to fully grasp thethreads of our dreams and learn, by practice, how to hold and controlthem in a full, live, dream experience.

One of several everyday practices thathelp us prepare our brain for lucid dreaming is reality check. Duringour common actions and the process of being as such, we shouldconcentrate on the simple things around us and our own actions whilebeing fully aware of what we are doing, regardless if it issomething like “I am using the force of gravity to move myself andcross distance to get to an object where I buy food”, every realitycheck helps us noticing when we find ourselves in unreal surroundingsin dreams. Secondly, remember significant traits of repetitive dreamsand use them as a reminder for next time they appear. Meditation,yoga and tai-chi are known to greatly help achieving “luciddreaming”. Another useful thing is, when awake in the middle of thenight, using those moments to meditate or read something, activatingyour brain further.

A thing to remember is that alcohol andlucid dreaming do not go together. Alcohol is known to dull the dreaming awareness and prevent us from achieving it. Also, a singleglass of alcoholic beverage is enough to prevent all the “dreampills” you take later from having any effect. Sober, concentratedand aware are the most important traits of a successful luciddreamer.

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