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Dream interpretation is a process in which we assign various meanings to dreams, according to their symbolic value. In many ancient cultures, dreaming was considered a way of communication with supernatural beings, whose message was unraveled by those with certain outstanding abilities. Modern psychology offers another approach to this subject providing a solid ground for accurate interpretation, which could possibly improve one’s life. According to the modern approach to the problem of dreams, anyone can interpret the messages, and there is no need to possess any psychic abilities. Anyone who is willing to learn how to do it can now analyze and interpret the dreams.
Dream analysis
Each dream hides a certain message that can be further analyzed and unlocked. This interesting and mysterious world does not obey to the rules of reality. Dreams are unique and each individual connects to her or his own reality through dreams. Interpretation of dreams is thus important to better understand hidden messages and get an insight into one's own self. By understanding the dreams, one will discover the true self. Messages hidden in our dreams are offered as symbols that can often invoke other feelings and ideas. Sometimes, it is very hard to interpret the symbols correctly, and people are often confused and wondering what the dream is all about. However, each dream is unique and needs to be interpreted from the standpoint of a personal life and experiences of a dreamer. Symbols are there just to inspire the interpreter and suggest a common starting point for the dream analysis. An interpreter should not omit any of the details. Each symbol is equally important and all of them are connected in an invisible web of dreamer’s unconsciousness. The interpreter should always keep the notebook by the bed and write down any detail he or she remembers about the dream.
The symbols
Here are some of the most common symbols found in dreams, together with their meanings.
Death: death is a common symbol for an end of something. It doesn’t have to be an end of life, but ending of one stage and beginning of another. For example, death sometimes symbolizes a wedding or birth of new life. To talk to a dead relative is a sign of great good luck.
Fire: to see a house burning down in a dream is a notice that a close relative or member of the family needs a help from you. If a dreamer manages to put out a destructive fire then it usually symbolizes the end of the obstacles in one’s path of life.
Women: women talking in a group usually symbolize good news. A pregnant woman is a sign of abundant wealth.

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