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Characteristics of Human Nervous System

Our proper functioning and overall state of body and mind greatly depend upon our nervous system.

Moreover, one needs to know that it is divided into two parts. One part is in charge of our motor functions and sensations involved in the process. This part is called voluntary nervous system and we can more or less control it. The other part is called autonomic nervous system and is in charge of food digestion, maintaining our heart rate and many other actions and activities we have little conscious influence upon. This part also directs nerves into our glands, and controls their highly important activities.

The Autonomic Nervous System Characteristics

This very part of the nervous system can itself be divided into two parts. One part is called the sympathetic branch. This part is in charge of activating glands and other parts of our body in order to fight or resist any illnesses or threats to our body. Our brain is given more blood, as well are our muscles and the heart, thus concentrating more on blood pressure increase while, at the same time lowering the blood flow into organs such as the digestive ones. Whenever we are in danger, this system triggers adrenalin production enabling us the strength and will to evade dangerous encounters. However, this way of defensive functioning exhausts the body and should not last long.

Parasympathetic branch, being the other part of the division, is in charge of recuperating and healing our organism. It triggers all the operations which clean and heal the organism, making one feel happy and satisfied in the process.

Since, we either function on one branch or the other, it is better to heal and be happy than to run and fight for your life. Therefore, parasympathetic system is better to be active in our body. Rather, we should establish a balance, keeping our sympathetic system always full and ready by being relaxed, provided with enough of energy and rest by our parasympathetic system. All extremes are bad for you since living with sympathetic system more active wear you out completely, producing a state of constant fatigue with inability to regenerate or rest also known as negative parasympathetic dominance.

Useful Pieces of Advice for Keeping Up The Healthy Balance

In order to function healthy, rely on all that suits your parasympathetic system. Namely, accept the world around you with ease. Cherish things you enjoy, while accepting and placing yourself above everything you do not. Stay positive and satisfied with yourself, without comparing your state with anybody else's. Surround yourselves only with pleasant people and things, avoiding all possible conflicts. Also, eat rich, healthy food, and eat often. The same goes for resting and sleep. Finally, remove anything stressful from your life and concentrate of achieving happiness and content.

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