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Throughout the history people used different herbs to scent their homes or to put them in pillows to relax and fall asleep easier. Dried roses were put in a jar to refresh the air in the rooms. Nowadays we stopped using herbs for their fine aroma but they indeed have beneficial effect on us. A plant that will bring you good sleep is dill. You can make dream pillow from it. Dill indeed got its name from the Norse word that means "to lull."

Agrimony is another herb which can be put in herbal pillows to relax you and help you sleep better. Herbal pillows can be used in many ways. You can sew dried or fresh herbs into piece of cloth and put them in your bed or in your clothes. Some herbs, however, lose their beautiful smell when dried. In order to preserve herbal aroma you can use fixatives such as ambergris, civet and musk. In order to take care of wild life such fixatives are produced in synthetic form.

Even better are herbal fixatives such as orris root (made from root of iris florentina) and Benzoin (gum from certain types of shrub). Potpourri mixture can be made from spices too. Cinnamon was used in preparing holy oils that was used in churches. Cinnamon can also be added to fixatives.

The familiar sticks ( made from inner bark of a young tree) can be put into ground and also added to herbal pillow's base. Sandalwood can be used to make herbal pillows. Its strong scent can chase away moths. It is used in religious ceremonies as well. The chips or shavings can also be used as fixatives.

The bark of Myrrh was used a lot in Egypt, Arabia, Ethiopia and among ancient Hebrews. It was used in ceremonies, for embalming etc. You can get a bitter gum from its bark which was used as medicine for sore throat in the past times. A powder of myrrh can be added to your favorite potpourri.

When you create a base for your dream pillow you can add dried herbs that have pleasant scent for you.

Next step is to store your perfect potpourri in a jar far away from sun light in order to develop a strong smell.

After that sew your potpourri into herbal pillow. Velvet, silk or chintz are all suitable for pillow covering. Put potpourri between the two layers of cotton or muslin. This will keep your pillow soft and hold all plants in one place.

If you want to decorate a dream pillow add colorful ribbon, buttons, lace or everlastings to it.

Put your new beautiful pillow in bed, close to your head, and enjoy its relaxing scent. You will sleep better and enjoy in pleasant dreams.

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