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Why and What For?

First of all, some people do not desire lucid dreaming at all. However, there are numerous people who truly want to be able to control their dreams and spend their dream time actively and voluntarily. Therefore, this article is mainly for the second group of people mentioned. It will discuss medications which may act as supplements enabling one the state of lucid dreaming easier. Although many claim that your concentration and techniques are enough, these drugs may help you.

Lucid Dreaming Supplements

The first medications to be mentioned is Galantamine. This drug, having a long history of usage for many purposes in many different countries and cultures, is well known to many who are into lucid dreaming as well. People suffering from Alzheimer's disease have experienced the benefits of this medication since it improves your memory and boosts brain activity. These qualities are just the ones needed for lucid dreaming, when applied during sleep. This way, dream recall is amplified and you are high likely to be able to recognize dream statement and awareness. One should be warned that, even though this medication is completely natural, there are still some unpleasant side-effects possible. Some of these are nausea, headache, dizziness, and some similar. It is not hard to understand why these might occur, taking into consideration that this drug affects brain functions. Therefore, constant consumption is not recommendable, and dosage should be appropriate at all times.

The second medication is called Choline. Obtained and consumed in a pill form, as well as the previously mentioned drug, this one is also known to amplify possibilities of dream awareness necessary for lucid dreaming. Also based on amino acids gained naturally, this drug is a choice of many lucid dreamers. Moreover, many drugs which are supposed to influence sleeping and dreaming in any way most often contain either one or both of the medications mentioned here. Regardless, with Choline, side-effects are also possible, thus extra attention is necessary during consumption. Appetite decline, high temperature and sweating are some of the known negative effects of this drug. Same as Galantamine, you should not use this drug excessively. Dosage is crucial as well, so pay extra attention to it and get properly informed about the drug beforehand.

To conclude, there are numerous other, natural ways of achieving the state of lucid dreaming. However, when taken carefully and adequately, these two drugs can help you with your dreaming endeavors greatly.

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