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Leaky gut syndrome is a common condition. Changed the permeability of the intestinal tract is the most probable cause. It is infamous forthe discomforting effects and cause for environmental illnesses. But there aremany possible ways of treatment. The fact is that the most of them can be foundin your kitchen. You can even try some technique for stress reduction. Thenutrition of a patient is very important. There are several things to removefrom eating habit. Those are caffeine, environmental contaminants (such asresidue of insecticide or pesticide), drugs (especially painkillers,non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antacids), spicy food, alcohol andfood additives.

Some bacteria and yeast can be responsible for the lining ofdamaged gut. They will accomplish that by increasing the levels of alcohol inyour system to a dangerous high. We have stated that home remedies can behelpful. You can use several herbs to ease the effect. You can try silymarin.This antioxidant is a very strong and powerful. This healing herb affects thelinen, since it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and reduces theleak. This widely known remedy is also popular because of the positiveinfluence on glutathione levels in cells 11. Aloe is an herb used in manysituations. It has extremely positive effect on human body. It is an effectiveanti-inflammatory remedy, also known as antimicrobial remedy andimmunomodulator. All of the elements found in aloe, are mighty companions inthe battle with impaired gut linen. You may have noticed that every herb whichcan be used for treating the leak, has anti-inflammatory effect. So, if youhave knowledge of the herb with such properties, you may try even that one.For instance, deglycyrrhizinated licorice has that property. This herb is agood healer of gut linen problems, but it is also used for treating ulcers.

Weare aware that our digestive system is one of the most important systems in ourbody. Problems with it may endanger proper functioning of our body. Since thissystem is the only one in our body with the same tissues and chemicals asbrain, it is affected by the brain. Stress plays an important role in this. Itcan cause the blood flow into the skeletal muscles, followed by a shutdown ofdigestive tract. In this way, the tract cannot receive the nutrients and oxygenneeded for functioning. There is a method, developed by Dr. Walt Stoll, forrelieving the stress. He proposed a series of techniques used for putting thebrain in "alpha" or "theta" state. Alpha stands for soundwaves of 8-12 Hz, and theta 4-8 Hz. He also talked about positive effect ofmeditation, self-hypnosis and biofeedback. But he stated that listening thementioned sound waves is the most productive.

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