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Mind herbs

Herbs are already known to have many health benefits and are widely used in treating various conditions and diseases. Therefore it comes as no surprise that they can be used, sort to speak, as “food” for the brain as well. Some call them also the “mind herbs”. Given the fact that there are many herbs which are fortunately today available and easily acquired one needs to get familiarised with those most beneficial to the brain prior to venturing into the herbal world.

Ginkgo Biloba

This is of course one of the most famous and frequently used herbal food for the brain. Thus it is no wonder that the majority of those, who have even the general knowledge regarding herbs and supplements know about it and its benefits. This herb belongs to a club of the chosen few, i.e. to the group of herbs which hold in them the potential to “fuel” our brain by boosting the blood flow to it. This is important because, as we age, the blood flow starts to decline and reduce for our circulatory system begins to experience efficiency issues. This is where Ginkgo comes to the rescue, boosting the circulatory system which in turn increases the general blood flow to our brain, initiating greater oxygen production. Another health benefit of this herb is its ability to guard the brain cells from harm, since it has the ability to function as a powerful antioxidant.

Siberian Ginseng

In the circles of faithful users and herbalists, this herb is almost as well known as the above mentioned one. Its primary benefits are mirrored in the ability to bring back alertness and enhance and better the operating side of memory. Other known benefits of this herb lie in that it enhances effectiveness and gives additional energy to the immune system, as well as aiding our body to better adapt to the stressors.

Gotu Kola

This herb/plant has been the primary healing aid in Asia, and so for quite some time, in treating various skin related conditions and illnesses. It is also known to have the immense potential to boost mental functioning, serve as a protection and a remedy for wounds and aid in treating insomnia. When it comes to stimulating the brain, Gotu Kola does this by means of diminishing anxiety related processes, occurring in the brain, and boosting brain functions, and intensifying thought related process and clarity. Since it is fairly good in aiding and improving circulation, it is considered to be also effective in maintaining blood pressure in check and well balanced.

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