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Even though people usually do not think much about luciddreaming or they only find it an unusual experience, lucid dreaming can be beneficialin many ways, and solving problems is just one them. Yes, despite the fact thatit might sound impossible to many, it is true that lucid dreaming can really behelpful in solving problems. Many books have been written on this, and manyresearches have been done in order to find out more about it.

How to solve problems with lucid dreaming?

Whoever decides to apply this method in solving problemsshould know that it will take some time to learn some basic steps, which arenecessary for the whole thing to be effective. Three things are of crucial importanceand the first of them all is to learn how to have a lucid dream. This requiresthat a person can remember the dream in the morning, which is not alwayspossible. In order to improve this ability, it might help to keep a kind ofdiary in which the dream will be described in detail first thing in themorning. This ability is improved with time, which means that there is noreason for worry or for giving up the whole idea if a person cannot remember thedream at the beginning. The diary will help the person to realize that someplaces or things tend to appear more frequently, which will help in the futureto recognize them in the dream and become aware of the fact that it is a dream.

After having learnt this, another step is to learn how tocontrol the dream, which can easily be done after the person becomes aware ofthe fact that they do dream. Unless one believes in ability to control the dream,it will be very hard to master this technique. It is recommended to start withsomething simple, and gradually move towards more complicated (or less possiblein reality) things.

When these two steps are learned, the person can move to thethird step – learning on how to solve a problem. What helps a lot isremembering that everything is possible in the dream, so it might be a goodidea to meet a wise person and talk about the problem with them. It is alsonecessary to write down everything that one remembers of after waking up, andeven though it might seem hard or impossible to understand, the truth is thatthe real meaning will become obvious after thinking it over.

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