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Why is it important to maintain kidneys healthy?

Kidneys are vital organs that perform several very important actions among which are detoxification of the blood and secretion of the rennin, an enzyme that affects the blood pressure, but they also keep under control the level of electrolytes in the blood, its volume and pH, and have a function of the filters of the liquid waste. Besides these, it is also important to say that they are involved in the production of the red blood cells and a form of vitamin D. Since, these are all only some of the functions, it should be enough to see that the importance of these organs is huge, and that they should be healthy in order to function perfectly in every segment. Very frequently, problems of the kidneys are connected with the problems of the urinary tract, which is why it is important to treat in time various infections and inflammations, as well as other conditions of these body systems. If ignored or neglected, these problems may cause serious consequences, some of which may even be permanent.

Herbs for healthy kidneys

Besides medications, which are usually used in the treatment of various urinary tract and kidney problems, herbs can play a very significant role. Many people are not aware of it, but the fact is that there are herbs that are very beneficial and that can help in treating various problems related to these organs, thus helping to maintain their healthy condition. Those that will be mentioned here are bearberry, couch grass, horsetail, parsley, nettle, and corn silk.

Bearberry or uva ursi is an herb that functions as urinary antiseptic, and it is known to be very effective when bacteria such as e. coli, staphylococcus, proteus and several others need to be defeated. Couch grass is helpful with the conditions when urinary tract is either inflamed or irritated. Horsetail is very helpful in various conditions related to genito-urinary tract, particularly when infectious agents and irritants need to be flushed out and when there are problems with cystitis, urinary incontinence, or organs such as bladder, ureters, urethra and prostate, since it prevents their damage. Parsley is particularly useful in the treatment of edema and urinary stones, since it is a very good diuretic. Nettle helps in elimination of the uric acid, and it is also famous for its antibacterial qualities, particularly against staphylococci. Corn silk can be used in cases of inflammations, edema, and in various other conditions which require the remedy with antiseptic characteristics.

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