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Liver and Kidney Detox Introduction

In the processes of cleaning the body, the liver and kidney are problem the two most important organs. However, sometimes they can be overwhelmed by the multitude of toxins that are coming into the body as a result of the bodily byproducts.

The liver and kidney have the same goal, essentially, but work differently. Both of these organs aim at getting rid of substances from the body that are unwanted and cleanse the blood of waste products.

The kidney works at eliminating byproducts and toxins through the urine and the liver uses the intestinal tract as its way to get the toxins out of the body.

If these processes are not working properly, there can potentially be serious health problems in the body.

The liver eliminates waste through producing bile that it takes out of the body system, while, the kidney will clean the blood and effect fluid balances in the body. Detoxifying herbs

One of the best herbs to use in trying to detoxify the liver is milk thistle. It is recommended for any person that is having any kind of liver problems and can help reduce negative effects caused to the liver by the excessive consumption of alcohol.

Also, it will help people who have damaged the liver by taking too many medications. Milk thistle also promotes the regeneration of liver cells as well. It is best to take in between 200 and 400 milligrams up to three times a day unless there is a negative reaction to the herb.

Herbs that are used to cleanse the kidney usually have some kind of diuretic effect. However, unlike the synthetic diuretics that are bought in stores, the herbal ones are a lot gentler on the body and will not cause the person to dehydrate.

They are also very soothing and provide the body with some anti-bacterial properties as well.

The best known herb for the kidney is the stinging nettle, which is native to North America and has been used for medicinal purposes for many years.

Bearberry is also good at cleansing the kidneys and acting as a light diuretic. It is known for being an excellent supplement for during bladder and kidney infections and is also a natural antibiotic. Not only this, but bearberry is very safe to use in most cases.

Ten to 20 drops in water is recommended to be taken three times a day.

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