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Bed-wetting is a common problem that millions of parents experience every day. It is highly widespread among young kids but can prolong into the teen years as well. It is divided into two groups. Primary nocturnal (nighttime) urinary incontinence is when a child has never acquired total bladder control (never been completely toilet trained).

Secondary nocturnal enuresis is when a child begins bed wetting again after having developed bladder control.Approximately out of 20% of children who suffer enuresis at the age of 5, only 5% do so until age 10, and 2% by age 15. In addition to this facts, bed wetting is mostly very upsetting for both kids and parents. It is essential to remember that enuresis is not bad behavior. Primary enuresis often happens simply because of the prolongation in the progression of the part of the nervous system that regulates bladder function. Secondary enuresis may happen as result of either psychological problems or medical afflictions, such as a urinary tract infection, urinary tract deviations, or diabetes. Parents should not chastise a child who still wets. Bed-wetting is not produced by indolence or disobedience. Kids can feel very uncomfortable and guilty, which may result in poor self-esteem and feelings of low self-worthiness.


If no hidden medical condition is making your child bed-wetting, there is no real medical need to cure him.However, child's physician may advise treatment with medications, since there are several drug therapies.Medications used to cure nocturnal enuresis involve the following Desmopressin acetate, Oxybutynin chloride, Imipramine,Hyoscyamine sulphate.However, the patients should be careful when taking these drugs due to many side effects (nervousness, drowsiness, constipation,headache). Oral antibiotics, for example: Bactrim, Amoxicillin,Macrobid, Levaquin are used as therapy for urinary tract infections that make enuresis. A food allergy can also result in enuresis, because problematic foods can irritate the bladder. These problems must be checked and regulated by child's physician. Advantageously, bed-wetting can often be cured with an herbal tincture. Corn silk or silky threads that cover the corn can help children as well as adults to stop wetting their bed. Direction for use:you should boil about 50 g of fresh corn silk to 1 l of water and drink this 3times a day. There are several home remedies available to treat enuresis. A glass of cranberry juice can be given to the child an hour before going for sleeping. Herbal teas such as oak bark, wormwood,bearberry, are very powerful too.

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