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Kidney Inflammation

Inflammation of the kidneys occurs when your kidneys get infected. The symptoms of kidney inflammation may include pain in the back or groin, pain in the abdomen, fever, headache, nauseaf and urination problems. There are various symptoms which refer to problems with urination. You may feel the need to pass urine much more than usual. Urination can be painful or followed by burning sensation. Sometimes blood or secretion can appear in urine or your urine looks cloudy. You should visit your doctor if you notice any of these symptoms because if kidney inflammation is left untreated it can cause severe complications, including kidney failure.


A lot of various herbs can help you deal with kidney inflammation. As soon as you begin to feel any symptoms of inflammation, you should start taking horsetail. Horsetail can be taken in a form of tea or juice. Whatever you chose, drink horsetail at least twice or three times a day. Another useful herb is birch. Birch can ease the symptoms of kidney inflammation by enhancing the urine production and its elimination. Bearberry leaf tea can be mixed with both horsetail and birch in order to enhance the effectiveness. There are other very useful herbs which are frequently used in treatment of kidney inflammation. Such herbs include goldenrod, alfalfa grass, catnip and fennel. These herbs can be drunk as tea and they can be mixed. Dandelion root and ginger root are also recommended for easing the symptoms of kidney inflammation.

Nutrients and Food

You should eat well balanced and healthy food while you are dealing with kidney inflammation. Make sure to take plenty of vitamins, especially A, C and E, and vitamin B complex. These nutrients will also boost you overall health condition so your body will be able to fight against the infection more efficiently. There are some fruits and vegetables which are highly recommended for kidney inflammation treatment. Make sure you include bananas, avocados, grapes and carrots in you diet.


While you are recovering from kidney inflammation, you can help yourself ease the pain and symptoms. The pain can be relieved by putting warm compression on the abdomen of groin, depending on the source of pain. Make sure you drink a lot of fluids every day because this will help your kidneys to eliminate bacteria more quickly. Drinking a lot of fluids can also prevent or reduce the risk of kidney inflammation. Avoid situations when you have to hold back if you feel the urge to pass urine. It is also important to maintain proper genital hygiene in order to stop bacteria reaching your kidneys.

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