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Cystitis is the medical term for the bladderinfection, but sometimes the term is used for the whole group of lower urinarytract diseases. Cystitis is more often in the women than in men, becausethey have a very short urethra. The main cause of cystitis in majority of cases is theinfection from intestinal bacteria, while the most frequent symptoms of cystitis are certain problemswith urination, such as frequent urination, pain and burning sensation whileurinating and foul-smelling urine. A common symptom of the bladder infection isthe blood in urine. Furthermore, some people with cystitis may experience weakness,vomiting, fever or confusion.

Herbal remedies for cystitis

It is not always needed to treat cystitis withantibiotics or medications. There are also herbal remedies that are veryeffective in curing this disorder. For persons who suffer from cystitis, drinking asmuch water as they can is highly recommended. Barley water or cranberry juice can also be verybeneficial in treatment of the bladder infection. Cranberry juice containsflavonoids that do not allow bacteria to attach to the wall of the bladder. It isrecommended not to sweeten the juice although it has a bitter taste.

Furthermore, the most common and most helpful herbsfor treating cystitis are bearberry, buchu, Marshmallow, as well as valerian andwild carrot. Bearberry is very effective in fighting against bacteriathat cause the bladder infection, because bearberry has arbutin as an ingredient, which is a very powerful antibacterial element for cystitis or any other disease ofurinary tract. Bearberry is very good at calming the tissues that are irritated, as well as in the strengthening of the walls of the affected bladder. It is recommendedto drink tea of bearberry in the case of flare-ups that can be caused bycystitis.

Buchu is an herb that people with cystitis usuallyconsume. Diosphenol, limonene and pulegone are the three powerful volatile oilsthat have positive impact on the treating of cystitis. Diosphenol is proved to haveantibacterial, antiseptic and diuretic features and thus it is the mostessential component of this herb. In the case when a person who suffers fromcystitis has problems with painful urination, or has strong burning sensationwhile urinating, the tea of buchu and Marshmallow in combination is the mosteffective. Marshmallow is rich in mucilage, scopoletin andsalicylic acid and it is very good at reducing the symptoms of cystitis, suchas burning and irritation. Valerian tea is recommended to relieve stress andtension and to relax muscles, whereas wild carrot tea is used in order todestroy pathogens that are in the urinary tract.

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