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Warts are small outgrowths of the skin and they look serious, but they are usually harmless and do not affect the health in any way.

The most common types are plantar warts, which usually occur on the feet and fingers.

There are also genital warts and they are highly contagious and probably the most serious type of wart, because they can lead to some kind of the skin, cervical or penile cancer if the warts turn into some kind of malignant growth.

A wart also appear sometimes because of problems with the immune system. Supplements and herbs

Since the immune system working properly is so important to keeping warts at bay, it is a good idea to include plenty of vitamin A and C in the diet in order to strengthen the immune system so that warts will not appear.

Vitamin E, the oil found in garlic, tea tree oil and other herbs such as goldenseal and pau d-arco tinctures can be used to get rid of warts. Applying Aloe Vera gel onto the wart can also help to get rid of it.

Another good thing to use in trying to eliminate warts is a strong powdered form of vitamin C, which is mixed with water and can be turned into a paste to use as a topical cream against the wart.

Petroleum jelly can also be used if the spot around the wart because irritated and if a person wants to apply supplements onto the skin, they will have to dilute them in water of vegetable oil first.

It is important that a person continues to apply these treatments to the wart every day and on a regular basis until the wart disappears.

Other treatments include supplements such as castor oil, which can be combined with some baking soda and turned into a gel that is applied on the skin.

Clove oil can also be used as an effective topical treatment for warts. Clove oil can also be applied onto a compress that will be left on the affected area of the skin to decrease possible chance of irritation.

These treatments can be used on any part of the body, even in treating the warts that are located in the genital are. However, since genital warts have a chance of turning malignant, the person needs to see medical attention immediately so that a doctor can examine the warts and see whether they are malignant or not.

If the warts are not dangerous, the doctor will probably give the green light to the patient to use such natural remedies to try and get rid of the warts in the genital area as well.

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