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When the follicle (also known as the root of the hair), gets irritated somehow, and because of that becomes inflamed, that is already the condition called folliculitis. Usually the bacteria that enter a follicle provoke the start of the inflammatory process, especially if the area is already damaged or wounded somehow. The folliculitis is often followed by the sensation of itch; the skin becomes reddish and may result in pimples. The more serious consequences are also possible. For example, Cicatricial alopecia (losing of hair) and Acneiform lesions are likely to happen if the condition is not treated.

As far as the homeopathic remedies are concerned for the treatment of the folliculitis, they are advisable in the both, the early stages of the inflammation, and the complications that may happen.

For example, Sulphuricum Acidum is used when there is an injury and the haemorrhage or bruise on the affected area. But, if the swellings of the glands and the pus are included, the Antrax, or as scientifically called, the Anthracinum, is recommended.

Sometimes, the blisters are also likely to appear, and if that is the case, one should use Erysipelas.

But, if the condition is even more complicated, including the infected blood in that area (along with an amount of pus), the best solution is to use Lachesis, Tarentula Cubensis or Carbo vegetabilis as remedies. Of course, combining the usage with washing the area in cold water, in order to alleviate the condition is advisable.

In old people, the folliculitis can usually lead to rather painful boils since their skin (and the scalp area especially) has been gradually damaged through the whole life. In that case, the homeopaths usually recommend Secale Cornutum.

Also, the remedy that is focused to treat the boils is Silicea. But, if combined with the treatment with Hepar sulphuris, it is beneficial for a lot of health conditions, but especially for boils. Actually, as all the homeopathic remedies work, it encourages the burning spot even more, so that it doesn’t need to do its function. For example, in the case of boils, the previously mentioned combination actually encourages its inflammatory process, forcing the creation of the lump that is easily removed by Silicea at the final stage.

Finally, the Arsenicum album is the cure that should be mentioned as the best remedy for the inflammation of follicles.

And the last, but not the least important homeopathic remedy is Belladonna, but it is advised to be used in the earlier stages of folliculitis.

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