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Unfortunately, the infection caused by bacteria is a very general term and because of that, it is very big problem of the health in general and a part of the everyday troubles. However, it shouldn’t be taken for granted, since a lot of diseases are the consequences of the advanced bacterial infections, such as meningitis, pneumonia, and many more. That is, those infections should be attacked by any way possible, at the very beginning of their outbreaks. And, there are a lot of possible ways to deal with this kind of infections.

Nevertheless, some people are more likely to suffer from these infections, comparing to the others. For instance, those are the elderly people and the newborns, the people who have the unhealthy eating habits and who lead the inactive lifestyle, the individuals with certain problems of the hormones, and the ones who have the history of the increased likelihood of being affected by the bacterial infections in the family.Beneficial herbs

Anyway, the most common treatment is by the special medications called the antibiotics, but lately, a lot of conventional treatments tend to be substituted by the natural ones, since the remedies based on the beneficial herbs don’t include the negative side-effects (unlike the prescribed medications); and because some bacteria have grown stronger through the time and even the antibiotics cannot kill them any more.

So, in order to provide both, the protection from, and curing the bacterial infection, the best advice is to encourage the immune response of the organism, since, when the immunity works properly, we are protected from the bacterial infections.

The most popular way to make the immune system more powerful is by the intake of the herbal supplements along with a proper dietary regime. Those are called the phyto-nutrients (since they are extracted from the herbs), and the most beneficial are the carotenoids (encourage the leukocytes to multiply) and flavonoids, which can function as the removers of toxins, the powerful reducers of some harmful substances (also reduce the hypertension), or as the antibiotics and antioxidants.

Besides those supplements, there are a lot of healthy juices and oils which help in the process of annihilating bacteria, and the most beneficial are the juice from cranberries (for the infections of the urinary system), the oil extracted from thyme (successfully fights the bacteria called Escherichia Coli) or oregano (used for treating the breathing disorders), and the nutrients like bromelain (from pineapple) and propolis. The last one mentioned is the most important ingredient of honey, which is as beneficial as the synthetically made antibiotics, only without the negative side-effects.

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