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Sore Eyes – Herbs to the Rescue

Herb can be of help in treating many condition and diseases as well as in boosting ones overall health. Among the fairly common health problems that herbs are also quite beneficial for are eyes related problems. The greatest advantage is that, because of their richness and their healthy characteristics, they can be used on a daily basis in relieving and treating eye issues such as red eyes, and they can boost your overall vision to a more satisfactory level, cure night blindness and itchy sensations, conjunctivitis and also glaucoma.

Eye Related Conditions and Herbal Treatment

Red eyes in most cases have at their basis an underlying cause such as various allergies and attacks on your body (e.g. a common cold or flu). There also exist other common culprits for the occurrence of this awkward eye problem such as cigarette smoke, contact lenses and alike. Among the herbs that provide the most relief when this condition is in question are the following:

Ju Hua – this is actually the Chrysanthemum flower that originates from China. It is most effective in alleviating and remedying red, itchy eyes, which are the main side effect of allergies and cold in its beginning phase. In addition, it has an extremely pleasant and savory taste, similar to chamomile.Jue Ming Zi (also Cassiae Semen and Cinnamon Seed) – this herb is the form of Ju Hua, but when it comes to its nature it is a more potent one of these two. Given its greater density and greater strength, this herb is primarily employed in treating those more severe conditions and manifestations. It is most recommendable for the treatment and alleviation of conditions such as dry, red, painful and also swollen eyes.

Next eye condition is conjunctivitis, which is pretty malicious in nature and represents an inflammatory response to certain reaction that can be allergic, viral or bacterial in nature. Another downfall is that it has an extremely contagious character and thus special attention should be paid when getting in touch with people who are already suffering from it. As far as, the natural treatment is concerned, the best remedies are the following:

Chan Tui (i.e. Cicadae Periostracum) – is no less than the skin that is shed by the Cicada bug. Though it is of rather odd nature and origin, it is extremely powerful and effective for treating conjunctivitis in its most early phases, and should be taken in dosages of five to seven grams, on a daily basis. Another benefit is that it its also very effective in remedying rashes and itches, muscle twitches, eye twitches and alike.Other extremely beneficial and effective natural remedies for conjunctivitis are Huang Lian (Coptis and Goldenseal), Cang Zhu and last but not the least Xia Ku Cao (i.e. Prunellae Spica).

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