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Herbs for Eyes Problems

Many eye problems can be resolved with the healing properties of the herbs. Herbal preparations might improve your night vision, relieve itchiness, treat eye infections and even prevent serious medical conditions like glaucoma.

Red Eyes

Common cold or other body infections and all types of allergic reactions might be presented as red eyes. Some peoples’ eyes also react in the same way to the smoke and different substances in the air. The recommended Chinese medicine treatments for red eyes are:

Ju Hua - this is a Chinese chrysanthemum, and its flowers are used to relieve the redness of the eyes. It is believed that this herbal remedy might be useful to prevent common cold and ease the symptoms of allergies. Ju Hua could be used in many different forms. Since it has a pleasant taste many people enjoy the tea made of these flowers.

Jue Ming Zi – these are actually cinnamon seeds (Cassiae semen). It is said that this remedy is more powerful than the Ju Hua. Chinese herbalists recommend these seeds in people that have more serious problems with red, itchy, painful and swollen eyes. This remedy is also known to help to treat hypertension (high blood pressure). For the best results, it may be paired with Ju Hua.

Pink Eye

Pink eye or conjunctivitis is a contagious condition. It usually starts as the bacterial or viral infection, which provoke inflammation of the eyes. Sometimes, and allergic reaction can also be the cause of this medical condition.

Chan Tui –this remedy is a skin shed from a Cicada bug and is also known as Cicadae Periostracum. This remedy might seem a bit weird, but it is proven to fight conjunctivitis. The recommended dosage is about 5 to 7g of this skin shed, and works best if used in early days of the inflammation. Chinese naturalists suggest that this remedy can also be used to treat skin irritation and rash, eye and muscle spasms and scratchy throat.

Huang Lian – is a mixed remedy which contains two similar plants: coptis and goldenseal. The tea made of this mixture should be used as an eye tonic, to wash your eyes (make sure to cool down the tea). It is believed that this tea may cure your eyes from any kind of problem. The only bad thing about these herbs is that the tea will sting your eyes, so be prepared.


Xia Ku Cao or Prunellae Spica is highly appreciated among people with eye problems, especially, glaucoma. Herbalists also suggest using this herb to treat hypertension.

Eye Tonic

Cang Zhu is a rhizome of the plant known as Atractylodis, and it’s been in use for centuries to treat eye problems. This tonic is helpful to prevent and cure eye conditions such as vision problems, night blindness and to maintain eye health. Scientific studies proved that this rhizome is rich in vitamin A, which might be the cause of such good results.

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