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Definition and Causes of Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a medical condition called Keratoconjunctivitis sicca. This inflammatory disease causes the insufficient production of tears. The problem starts as conjunctiva is not covered with enough fluid as it is supposed to be. Without proper and the constant lubrication eyes become dry and there are additional complications that can develop.

There is a variety of factors that lead to dry eyes. For example people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer are more likely to develop the condition. Still there are certain diseases which result in dryness of eyes. They include permanent need for contact lenses, allergies, over usage of eye drops, insufficient levels of estrogen. Dry eyes may even be a consequence of certain procedures such as laser eye surgery. The eyes may become dry after radiation therapy of tumors situated close to eyes. Eyes can become dry with age and in cases of vitamin A deficiency. Infection and usage of certain medications can as well lead to the problem.


Symptoms include itch and burning sensations. The eye becomes sensitive to light and even erosions on the cornea may develop.

Surgical Treatment of Dry Eyes

There are several surgical procedures that may be beneficial for patient. Before being subjected to surgery one should consult his/ her ophthalmologist and see what surgical approach is the best. The duct that is in charge with tear drainage can be completely plugged. This results in tears that fall behind and around eyes. Temporary punctual occlusion is done with a fast dissolving plug which is placed into the lower tear drain. This is only a test for doctor to see whether a possible permanent plug may lead to sufficient supply with tears. There is even an option of insertions of permanent silicone plugs. They prevent tears from escape and are possible to be removed at any time. They can even come out on their own.

Medical Treatment

Medical treatment includes prolonged usage of eye drops either those which are prescribed by the doctor or those available over-the counter. In some cases topic steroids are applied but not for a longer period of time. The person should stay away from cooling vents and not to be close to heating radiators. Sufficient intake of vitamin A can help with the problem. Apart from the medications one may even try one of the numerous remedies that are available in almost all countries.

Lifestyle Changes

Even changes in diet and habits may be effective in treatment of dry eyes. The best thing to do is to have balanced diet. The intake of sodium must be thoroughly controlled. One should better eat brown than white rice. Cigarettes, coffee and alcohol are strictly forbidden. As for food a patient should avoid sugar and deep fried food. The food should be rich in fish and fibers that are mainly obtained from fresh vegetables. And proper hydratation as well as adequate intake of vitamins A, C and E will do just the same.

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