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Many people suffer from problems with digestion. There are certain medications that can be helpful in regulation of digestion. Before taking any medication people tend to try with certain herbs. If the problem of indigestion persists one should consult his/her doctor as the underlying cause may be something much more serious.

Digestive problems most commonly include heartburn, gases, bloating and diarrhea. Numerous herbs have been used for problems with digestion by people of different civilizations. Even medications contain some of these herbs and they are accepted and widely prescribed by doctors. Herbs are good to be consumed as many of them do not have any side effects if taken in proper amounts. Here are definitely the best herbs for problems with digestion.


Ginger has been used by many civilizations and this was even documented. For numerous years ginger has been effective as both, a mighty protector against digestive problems and a fighter against the digestive difficulties that have already developed. Irritable bowel syndrome is only one medical condition that can benefit from ginger. All the symptoms and signs of this disease can be successfully eliminated or at least reduced if ginger is consumed.


Fennel is a spice that is rather effective with stomach disturbances. Heartburn, cramps and flatulence are only few symptoms that can be effectively overcome by fennel. Fennel can eliminate nausea caused by chemotherapy. Even some women have tried this herb in a form of tea to reduce morning sickness.


Irritation of the stomach and intestines can lead to improper digestion. Additionally, some infections can be a cause of indigestion. Aloe vera helps not only with enhancement of immune system which consequently leads to reduction of inflammatory processes, but, it can also sooth the irritated mucous membrane of gastrointestinal tract. Aloe is rich in vitamin C, essential amino acids and certain enzymes.


Not many people know about gentian. Nevertheless, this herb is rather effective in elimination of problems regarding indigestion. It can increase the power of digestion. Some may find the bitterness of this herb repulsing. Still this very bitterness is what stimulates stomach juices and provide with proper digestion.


Peppermint is astonishing herb and assistance in digestion is only one characteristic of this herb. This herb is effective in removal of symptoms and signs of gastrointestinal irritation including cramps, gas, flatulence and diarrhea.

The doctors can also suggest some of the previously mentioned herbs. It is not always the best solution to take medications as they may also have certain side effects. On the other hand, if symptoms are rather intensive herbs may be only partially effective and patients should better take medications. All in all, the problems must be reported to the doctor who will make final decision and recommend appropriate therapy.

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