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Breast pain

Breast pain is one of the most common conditions in women and it occurs usually before the menstruation or during the periods before pregnancy. Furthermore, breast pain is also common in women that breastfeed their newborn babies. All these women feel tenderness or soreness in the breasts, as well as the felling of heaviness. Swollen or enlarged breasts also appear in women during the above mentioned periods. However, it is very important to consult a doctor, if a woman thinks that there is some other underlying cause for the occurrence of the pain in her breasts.

For those women who are pregnant, it is recommended to prepare their breasts for the tenderness, soreness and enlargement that occur in the following months. They should massage their breast with almond oil after taking a shower. Furthermore, it is recommended to use only cotton brassieres. The nursing mothers should eject excess milk out of the breasts in order to prevent the milk stagnation. Cyclical mastalgia or menstrual breast pain is one of the most frequent causes for the occurrence of the pain. The breasts become oversensitive because of the high level of estrogen, which is produced in the body.

Natural remedies for breast pain

Although there are certain medicines that can be bought without a prescription, the natural remedies are the best way to reduce the pain in the breasts.

One of the most effective herbs for treating the breast pain is chamomile, which is widely used as a natural sedative for relieving many problems, such as menstrual pain, upset stomach, insomnia and aches in the back. Chamomile can be consumed as tea or in the form of capsules. The chamomile tea should be consumed every four hours until the breast pain passes.

Chasteberry is another herb, which is very powerful in alleviating the symptoms of problematic menstruation, such as breast pain and PMS, but it is also used for menopause and uterine fibroids. It is also considered that this herb can increase fertility. Chasteberry alleviate the breast pain by balancing the female hormones and it can be consumed in the form of tea or capsules, but also there is Chaste tree oil that should be massaged onto the breasts.

To ease the breast pain many Herbalists recommend Gingko, which is very effective in reducing the pain in the breast since it widens the blood vessels and thus improves the blood circulation and prevents breast swelling. There are Gingko teas, capsules and oils.

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