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Inducing Menstruation

A multitude of reasons exist as to why menstruation can be postponed, and one of the major instigators of women attempting to cause menstruation earlier is due to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS causes some women to have non-regular periods, from intense cycles to none at all.

Methods of causing menstruation depend on the reasons for doing so. If the person in question has PCOS, trying some prescribed birth control pills is the best, as these can help inducing a period and regulate the menstrual cycle. Treating with Progesterone is also common.

Parsley as a method of starting menstruation

Parsley is an ordinary kitchen herb that can help with menstrual irregularity, due to its property to urge mild uteral contraction. This can cause menstruation in the case of delays by factors such as hormonal disorders, stress and other usual disruptions.

Parsley is very efficient in combating cases of PCOS, fibroids and other hormonal disruption disorders that may cause menstrual cycle complications. It is an emmenogogue, which means that it spurs the flow of blood to the uterus and cervix. Parsley affects the womb and causes the endometrium to shed. When used as a vaginal suppository, parsley can aid in cervix dilation, and the uterus shedding, which causes menstruation.

Medicinal use of parsley may include an arousal of the uterus due to its content of volatile oils.Using Parsley in the kitchen does not allow a sufficient volume of these oils to affect menstruation, but Parsley tea, made by steeping parsley in boiling water, posesses sufficient volume needed to use parsley's emmenogogue effects. Menstruation usually begins during a couple of hours of taking several cups of this tea.

Parsley can also be placed far into the vagina, so that it touches the cervix itself. The parsley oils then have a local effect, as well on the pelvic area, allowing the opening of the cervix and releasing the endometrium. This method works faster than drinking parsley tea, but as one should proceed with care as the pessary may contain bacteria. Washing the parsley before use, and changing it as often as a tampon is recommended. Testing parsley on the skin is critical, to check for allergies and such reactions.

Parsley is not suggested to be used for abortion, as its oils are not that potent and only function in causing menstruation if the cycle prolongation is caused by something different than pregnancy. Women that are prone to miscarriage should not consume large amounts of parsley.

Considering its safety and effectiveness, parsley is a popular choice for causing menstruation, especially with women with hormonal imbalances and other menstrual disorders.

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