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Women’s hormones

For the well-being and overall health of the body, it is important to have well-balanced hormones in the body. It is one of the most essential things for a woman, because unbalanced hormones can trigger many complications, for example, infertility, problems to get pregnant, problems with the menstrual cycle, and so on.

Herbs for women’s hormones

Women can take several herbs to balance the hormones, boost the nutrition and enhance the general health. The thyroid gland is the most important gland in the body for the regulating hormones. In the cases when thyroid gland is not healthy and malfunctions, it may cause subsequent hormonal changes and many problems in the body, such as fatigue, tiredness, depression and the gain of weight.

To stimulate thyroid gland, many herbalists recommend Kelp. This herb is rich in natural iodine, potassium and iron, which are the most important minerals for women in the period of the menstruation. Furthermore, Kelp contains many other minerals and vitamins, such as calcium, magnesium and vitamin B. When a woman is unable to take proper amounts of vitamins and minerals from her diet through various vegetables and fresh fruits, these minerals and vitamins that come from herbs contribute to the general health and well-being.

Except for Kelp, there are many other herbs that are very effective in balancing the hormones in women, such as parsley and dandelion. Of all the vegetables, parsley has the highest amounts of iron in itself. It is also very rich in vitamin C and vitamins A and D. Many women take this herb to regulate and control their menstrual periods. However, those women who breastfeed their newborns should not take this herb. Dandelion root is used for regulating liver function that has the role in eliminating toxins from the body and, subsequently, preventing that hormones become unbalanced because of these toxins.

Alfalfa is also very nutritious herb that contains eight vital amino acids, necessary for the body’s proper functioning. This herb is high in magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron and vitamins A and K.

Other two herbs that are powerful in balancing hormones in women are Red Raspberry and Black Cohosh. Red Raspberry, in a form of a tea, is used by many women because it is beneficial for the whole female reproductive system. It makes the walls of the uterus and entire reproductive system stronger. Painful and excessive menstruation may be reduced by taking the red raspberry tea. Black Cohosh is recommended because it is a natural source of estrogen and is used to treat and reduce the symptoms that appear during the menstruation.

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