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Menstrual cycles, by their nature, occur in a specific time frame. Generally, they occur every 25 to 35 days. For some women they are so regular that they can use it instead of a calendar. However, many women get their periods on irregular basis, which can be quite frustrating, especially if they come later. Those women will be more than happy to learn ways to induce their cycle so it can come when it is supposed to.

Methods for inducing menstrual cycle may come in handy even for women whose cycles are usually regular. For example, it might be useful to induce the period before a vacation or an important event, like a wedding, so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

Menstrual cycle can be induced using synthetic medication, but for those who are trying to be as healthy as possible, there are efficient all-natural remedies that can help.

Inducing periods with medications

Birth control pills are the most widely used method of menstruation planning. Taking them regularly stabilizes ovulation, especially in women who suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The pill can be used to induce a period or to postpone it. As effective as this method may be, doctors do not recommend using the pill for this purpose, because the body may become lazy and too dependent on the synthetic hormones.

Another alternative is to take hormone injections to induce a period. Those injections can be given only by a doctor and only after a thorough physical exam. It is very important not to give hormone injections to pregnant women.

Inducing periods with parsley tea

There are several different herbs which are considered to be emmenagogues, meaning they have the ability to induce periods. They are usually consumed in the form of a strong tea, and the two of the most potent herbs are parsley and ginger.

Parsley is particularly effective if the cause of irregularities is stress, which is often the case. Using this common plant, found in almost every kitchen, it safe, effective and simple.

In addition to managing stress and its consequences, parsley also brings hormonal imbalances back to normal.

Most medical experts will agree that parsley in the form of tea is suitable for healthy women as there are no side effects that are known of.

Parsley tea can be found in herbal stores and health food departments in supermarkets. It is also easy to make from scratch, using fresh or dried parsley leaves. Some herbal practitioners even make tea from parsley seeds or bark. The recommended dosage is one cup per day.

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