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Inpregnancy, safety comes first

Inthe recent years, alternative medicine has been receiving much more attention,and not only that; the number of people opting for the treatment methodsthat this type of medicine has to offer is on the uprise. However, despitethe fact that the greatest majority of herbs are extremely beneficial andhealthy, there exist some that should be avoided at all cost due to theirpotentially extremely harmful effects. And this is especially important when itcomes to pregnant women. Such herbs are known to have a bad effect on thereproductive organ, as well as the substances they are comprised of. Therefore,it is extremely important to inform properly before choosing to use a specificherb. Also, if a person is not sure about the proper amount that should be taken, it iscrucial to seek professional advice and ask a certified herbal practitionerand/or a homeopathic doctor as well.


Thoseherbs used for culinary purposes, such as basil, oregano, parsley and alike arein most cases completely unharmful when taken in smaller quantities, but shouldnot be consumed in excess in the form of a tea, for example. In addition, it isknown that anthraquinone laxatives are endowed with the ability to stimulatemuscles, uterus as well, which can bring about miscarriage. Uterine stimulantsare also on the “to avoid” list exactly out of the same reason, which should go for thealkaloids, bitter principles and essential oils, due to their harmful effect onthe body of the future mom, as well as due to the highly unfavorableeffect that they might have on the fetus. Lastbut not the least are emmenagogues, which is responsible for the regulation ofmenstrual cycle and are to be avoided in pregnancy at all cost. Some of those that should be avoided are:

Anthraquinone laxatives include suchherbs as aloe, buckthorn, cascara sagrada, docks, meadow saffron and SennaUterine stimulants are American mandrake,black cohosh, bloodroot, calamus, cayenne, fennel, feverfew, flax seed,goldenseal, lady’s mantle, licorice, mistletoe, passionflower, pennyroyal, periwinkle, poke root, rhubarb, sage, Senna, tansy, thuja,thyme, wild cherry, wormwoodAlkaloids/Biter principles such as barberry,celandine, cinchona, ephedra, bloodroot, wild cherry etc.Essential oils like calamus, cayenne,fennel, juniper, lavender, marjoram, oregano, passion flower, rosemary, sage, thuja,thyme and yarrowEmmenogogues such as cascara sagradacotton-root bark, lady’s mantle, licorice, mayapple, thyme, wormwood, yarrow,mistletoe, passion flower, pennyroyal, periwinkle, poke root and rhubarb

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