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The Tasty Sin

There are certain parts of the year when we tend to indulge into things we usually do not, only to feel guilty later. Of course, these cases are usually during holidays and have everything to do with excessive chocolate consumption. Let's face it, we cannot live without chocolate. Surely, we can manage during most of the year, following our strict diet and being happy when we decrease the size of our pants during the process. However, once the end of the year gets closer, we enter this festive mood where you just cannot resist all the sweet delicacies around you. Chocolate seems to be everywhere during these times and the least you can do is to taste it.

This is where the problems take place. Namely, since you are on a diet, you are bound to feel as if you are betraying yourself, walking all over your resolutions and disrespecting all the hard work you have done on your body so far. Nevertheless, you can return to your diet later, once the holidays are over. Until then, use the following information for positive motivation and guilt suppressing once you figure out that you have been excessively festive when it comes to chocolate consumption.

Guilt Be Gone!

First of all, chocolate is healthy. Namely, the cocoa it is made from contains numerous nutrients which keep us happy, raise our alertness levels, relieves our stress and triggers numerous other positive changes in our body. Therefore, an occasional chocolate bar here and there, or a cup cake every now and then can only be good for you. So, deal with the feeling of guilt with these excellent arguments.

Next, chocolate is extremely rich in antioxidants. These substances keep us free from diseases like cancer. Basically, they fight of bad cells which get created in our organism, keeping us healthy and, thereby happy. Thus, we have no right to deny ourselves this healthy happiness.

Believe it or not, there is more, since chocolate is extremely beneficial for our heart and the entire cardiovascular system. It keeps your blood pressure regulated and helps your heart deal with all the processes it needs to endure, keeping the blood smooth and thin.

All in all, not only should you eat chocolate, but you should also add it to your diet plan. That being said, eat chocolate at least 3 times a month, in order to benefit from some of many positive sides this treat has.

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