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Is It a Good Idea?

Many people around the world decide togo on a diet daily, dissatisfied with their current state of affairsregarding their body weight. Some of them either choose tuna fish asone of the main nutrients for this period or, simply, implement itinto their diet plan. Canned tuna fish is easily found everywhere.There are millions of different brands, with different additions,oils and sauces included. However, before they commence with theirtuna-oriented diet, many want to know if it is good for their health.Namely, we all know that tuna is a healthy fish for consumption, butis making it the main part of one's diet a good idea?

Good or Bad?

First of all, health value and benefitsdepend greatly on the way of preservation of this fish. Namely mostcanned ones contain oil in which the tuna is preserved. This kind ofmeal brings you more calories but it also greatly increases thehealth value of this fish. Fish oil of this type contains largeamounts of omega3 fatty acids extremely valuable for our overallwell-being. Namely, these acids take good care of our heart and theentire cardiovascular system, our joints as well as our bloodpressure. Thus, this variant of tuna consumption is much better for you,if you take it carefully and pay attention to the high calorieproperty. You might settle for tuna preserved in water. This way,this fish will have far less calories, but will lack the omega3acids. So, choose the type you prefer the most.

However, too much of anything is not agood thing. In the same way, excessive tuna consumption is notrecommended due to the high mercury levels capable of being poisonouswhen consumed in large quantities.

Benefits of Tuna Consumption

If your goals are healthy skin and goodtan, then canned tuna is an excellent choice for your purposes. Dueto the nutrients found in the oil, your skin will bemoist and healthy. Vitamin D found in the fish will contribute tothis as well. The same way, tuna is excellent for your hair. Theomega-3 fatty acids will ensure your hair's healthy shine and goodlooks, making it stronger and thicker.

Finally, apart from the benefitsmentioned above, regarding one's heart and other vital organs, thereis an ever-present question if tuna is good to be eaten by pregnantwomen. In cases of women expecting children, it is best to have theamounts of tuna extremely limited, because of the above mentionedhigh mercury levels. This element may be bad for your child. Thus,you are advised not to eat more than one or two cans of tuna weekly.

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