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Antioxidants and Free Radicals

We have all probably heard of these two terms taken from the title, mentioned plenty of times however, we may still be puzzled by how these two effect us. Namely, due to failures of our metabolism, sometimes, some of the cells in our body reach the peak of their existence and start dying. Then, not wanting to die, they get connected to other cells in our organism in order to prolong their own existence. These dead cells are called free radicals, and instead of getting better once they get connected to our other healthy cells, they make things worse by making the other cells get sick and die too. This leads to the development of many diseases including heart problems, Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, gallstones and colon cancer. Logically, our body does not want this to take place. Thus, it produces antioxidants which prevent these free radicals from damaging other cells. Therefore, we need as much antioxidants as we can get. This is why we are advised to consume as much plants and natural products which are rich in antioxidants, helping our organism to stay healthy by fighting off the above mentioned free radicals.

Antioxidants and Coffee

Other common sources of antioxidants are fruits, vegetables and coffee. Often being scorned for its psychoactive effects, coffee is considered bad for us. However, with moderate consumption, we can only benefit from this healthy beverage. After all, it comes from nature, just like we do. Coffee provides us with antioxidants which further keep us safe from diseases, make our immune system stronger, slows down the aging of our body cells and bones while, at the same time, boosting our eyesight.

What is more, coffee’s healthy influence gets amplified during the roasting process, necessary for its preparation. In fact, medium roasted coffee is considered to be the healthiest variant of this antioxidant beverage. Also, you do not need caffeine in order to benefit from coffee, thus, decaffeinated coffee is highly advisable as a source of antioxidants too.

Additionally, a major benefit of coffee that should not be neglected is, that by consuming it, we become more alert and, thereby, more productive and concentrated. Also, there are plenty of other health properties of these magical beans, all concentrating on keeping you safe from illnesses and allowing you to live a long and happy life, guaranteed with a moderate, daily consumption of coffee.

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