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Some of us give our best to eat healthy as much as we can. On the other hand, some of us focus their diet on fast food, eaten on the go, regardless of the consequences. If we have a habit of eating out every once in a while, we need to balance this unhealthy food consumption with healthy diet during the rest of the week. Yet, if our nutrition bases itself on junk food like pizzas and hamburgers, we are most likely traveling on a fast lane to being overweight, obese or even ill.

The Impact of Malnutrition

Even though obesity is the major concern of the world these days, when we consider the impact of unhealthy eating, there are other kinds of damage which stem from these unhealthy habits. Namely, unhealthy diet in the long run impairs our mental functioning and reflects negatively on our mental well-being. Additionally, excessive junk food consumption leads to the lack of energy and lack of strength, resulting in increased body weight and danger of developing serious health problems in the long run.

Choose Wisely

Even when you visit a fast food restaurant, you can enjoy a healthy meal. There are numerous salad meals which can be an excellent source of nutritive elements. Nevertheless, be careful about the portions you are ordering, as well as the dressings, sauces or cheese you may be opting for.

As for sources of protein, choose them wisely, opting for fish, beans or chicken, combining these with fruit or vegetables and whole grains. So, simply enough, a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato is incomparably healthier than a cheeseburger on a bun made of white flour.

Additionally, be careful regarding the portions you are ordering, avoiding supersize meals and other excessive, unnecessary quantities of food. In addition, stay away from sodas, juices and energy drinks during meals. Rather, drink milk or water.

So, when you happen to eat out make sure you ask the service to place sauces and dippings on the side, so that you can choose the quantity you like. Next, always opt for salsa and mustard instead for mayonnaise and oil. In the same manner, know that olive oil is much better and healthier than butter or margarine. In general, low fat alternatives are always a better choice. Thus, choose baked, broiled or grilled food rather than fried one. Fat-free deserts are also much healthier than fatty or sweet ones.

All in all, concentrate on a variety of balanced food, keeping portions smaller but healthier, always opting for food which is not fatty, heavy or processed in any way.

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