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Diet or Something Else?

Usually, each time we gain weight, webegin contemplating a diet. It dwells upon us as an inevitable timeof frustration, fasting, torturing and deprivation, all for the causeof getting fit before we can return to the previous, unhealthy way oflife.

Surely, diets can be good. They teachus what to eat, when to eat it and how to eat it. Still, these areonly a temporary solution since, once we stop following our dietsreligiously, all the accomplishments we have managed to gain will belost. Moreover, during the troublesome course of our diet, we are tofeel guilty for even thinking about our, usually favorite, food.Rather, we are to stay sad and depressed as well as nervous, eatingthings we do not like, waiting patiently for the day when we will beable to gulp on our favorite dish once again, resetting all that wehave done.

Obviously then, dieting is not goodenough for our weight loss. We lose freedom to eat whatever we want,as well as the joy of the process. We can choose to be happy andoverweight or slim and frustrated. None of the choices actually fit.Thus, something else is necessary. What we need is a completelifestyle change, something which will be effective withoutinterfering with our diet, at least not directly. We need tointroduce exercise and healthy food into our daily routine.

The Change

First of all, we need to take a goodlook at our present lifestyle. Are we eating vegetables and fruit atleast 2 times a day? Do we separate our meals into at least 5 smallerportions during the day? Well, we should, since this is thehealthiest consumption possible. When we eat less but more often weare bound to start feeling better and live easier. This is anexcellent motivation for further changes you are supposed tointroduce gradually.

Combine exercising with your propernutrition and enjoy the positive results, making you feel excellentand full of strength, while burning all the extra calories youprovide through your intake. Of course, you need to give yourselftime, you cannot change overnight. Do it gradually and do not getdisappointed if the pounds you shed are minimal in the beginning.Later, it will all get in place, as long as you stay motivated andpersistent.

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