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Why Protein Bars Are Better Than Chocolate

Anyone wanting to lose weight must be prepared to face the harsh reality: the chocolate must go.

No, not entirely. But the consumption must be reduced to its bare minimum. And it is those situations that protein bars, albeit a poor excuse for a substitute, may come in handy.

What chocolate may mean to most of us would be:

a guilty pleasure

a bribe

a reward

a gift

a treat

an absolute necessary luxury.

And that is exactly what protein bars have to compensate for. But by the end of this article, we will see all the ways in which protein bars are not only capable of filling the shoes of chocolate in our lives, but are actually far better than chocolate (at certain things).

Namely, the things that make chocolate so good are the things that are the worst for our bodies: sugar and fat. Realizing and accepting this fact is the first step towards kicking the habit, and allowing a new friend into one's life – the, at first bite, distasteful protein bar.

One of the many wrong ways people experience chocolate is as an energy food. This is mostly true for people who are prone to skipping lunch and ramming an atom bomb of sugar down their bellies. Unfortunately, the fat follows as well...

So if a person is looking for a kick out of a bar, it is always better to make it a protein one. Here's why: protein bars will satisfy the urge for treating oneself with some extra energy, but apart from the taste (which is a down side), and the guilt, it also lacks a number of things that chocolate does not – and all of those things are bad for us:

extra calories

extra sugar

extra fat

...and a number of other things a person who is sincerely on a weight loss diet, ought to avoid.

On the other hand, protein bars include:

an extremely limited amount of carbs

and are, obviously, an incredible source of proteins.

And all of that is good for:


fitness, and

building immunity.

Another important distinction from chocolate is that eating more protein bars does not cause the immediate craving for more. To the contrary, they will make a person feel full. And to top it off, they will most definitely not cause the daily craving for a choco-fix that so many of us are all too familiar with.

So with all this said, one cannot help but realize that protein bars, their taste aside, sound like a win-win situation, and are most definitely a competent substitute for people using chocolate as high energy food; and not to mention the ones trying to lose weight.

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