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Unhealthy Movie Snacks

Snacks that are bought at movie theaters are delicious, but they are also the worst kind of junk food and incredibly unhealthy. In fact, one large tub of popcorn that is purchased at a movie theater has 76 grams of fat, which is like eating five chocolate candy bars or more than six cheeseburgers from McDonalds. That’s a lot of fat.

That same bucket of popcorn contains about 1,100 calories, which is enough of a calorie intake for the whole day taken in during a one and a half hour movie.

However, there are ways in which you can go enjoy the movies regularly and not come out fat after the summer blockbuster season.

Eat at Home

A good thing to do in order to stop one’s self from diving into a bucket of popcorn at the theater is to eat a nice, filling snack at home.

A person can cut some apple slices and spread some peanut butter on them, The fiber in the apples and the protein in the peanut butter will be very filling.

Another good idea is to dip some vegetables in a low-fat dip and serve that with some low fat cheese on the side as well.

Another great, filling snack is reduced-fat cheese slices on whole grain crackers.

Yogurt can keep a person full for a long time as well and it goes great with some low-fat granola sprinkled onto it, or maybe even some nice almonds. Smuggling in healthy popcorn

One good thing to do is to pop some popcorn at home and make it healthy and then smuggle it into the theater.

There are great ways that are not as fattening to make the popcorn taste good. A person can put things like garlic powder, paprika or parmesan cheese on the popcorn. And, a good way to get the flavors to stick to the popcorn is to spray it first with butter-flavored cooking spray. In the theater

If a person is actually going to get something to snack on in the theater, then the best thing is to get some popcorn without butter and in a small size. The rule of thumb should be that the bucket of popcorn is too big if you can’t hold it with one hand.

Be sure to avoid sodas because they are full of calories. If a person really can’t live without soda or cannot eat popcorn without it, then at least try to sneak in some diet soda, but in any case, it would be much better to just drink some water during the film.

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